Yet another failure of my embassy…

I won’t even get into my usual rant about having to make an appointment three days in advance of going to stand in line to get into my embassy or the fact that they basically don’t do ANYTHING for the average US citizen in Kuwait.  This is an entirely different rant.  It seems that last week one of the major bottled water companies in Kuwait was slapped by the local ministry of health with a nice little letter stating that their water was not fit for human consumption.  On top of that – said letter was sent to the US EMBASSY.  Now one of the embassy’s main missions around the world is to make sure that US citizens are aware of regional threats – be they military issues, health threats, or environmental issues.  I would think that one of the  major bottled water companies selling water full of biological agents would represent a health threat.  Our embassy staff under the direction of the ambassador decided it didn’t and did NOT circulate the information to the population of US citizens over here.  This could have been done privately through the email address given to the embassy by every American who registers when they get here – so it’s not like they would’ve had to put out a PSA on the local radio station.  Gotta love adding one more thing to the list that our embassy doesn’t do for you over here.  The images below are the story about all of this that was run in one of the English newspapers in town – wow – the Arab Times broke the story before the US Government!

Story part 1
Story part two

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