Where the wild things are…

So there’s a ton of wildlife in Kuwait.  No, I’m not talking about the falling down drunks who stumble into trash cans at embassy happy hours.  I’m talking about actual fauna.  Well, maybe not exactly wild in the deepest darkest jungle sense – more like wow, someone’s dinner is wandering around the streets.  Meaning, there’s lots of livestock around but not back at the ranch – literally strolling across your driveway as you’re trying to get home after work.

Most recently one of our new neighbors have started letting their flock of ducks carouse the mean streets of Adan.  They hang out on the corner, scrap with the local street cats a la West Side Story, and generally quack quite a bit.  So, after snapping a few pics of the ducks I thought I’d try to dig up some of the old pics of local wildlife and post them all up here together.  We’ve seen some interesting things in Kuwait.  Hawks hiding under trucks, ponies in pickups, monkey’s riding on the side view mirror of cars, tomorrow night’s chicken dinner in the streets, pigeons being fatten for dinner (yup, they eat flying rats), sheep tied to the front stoop – short of giant condors we’ve probably stumbled across it over here.  So, enjoy the pics.

2 thoughts on “Where the wild things are…”

  1. This post does bring back lots of vivid memories for my Kuwait time. Like the time my neighbor slit the neck of a sheep in his drive. So as we’re back the car out of our driveway with the kids in the back seat, a river of red sheep’s blood is flowing into the street. Ah, beautiful Kuwait.

  2. Believe me, the beauty and majesty of all that is Kuwait does nothing but multiply with each passing day. That sounds like a perfect chapter title for my memoirs. Right between “Why I think its perfectly acceptable for jack booted thugs to force my church to marry a man to his toaster” and “You know, Star Wars is really over-rated as movies go”. Good to hear from ya buddy – glad ya made it home safe. Also glad I didn’t have to play Martin Sheen against your Marlon Brando and go get you. These are the things one thinks about in the beauty and majesty that is Kuwait.

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