Who’s Cuisine Will Reign Supreme?

Ours will in our awesome kitchen!  The biggest drawback to our new place was that the kitchen was crap – especially compared to our old kitchen which was an amazing kitchen for Kuwait.  So we started hashing out ideas for what to do in the kitchen right away but just moved in some of chrome storage shelves to make sure we has something resembling a functional kitchen until we had, you know, a functional kitchen.  We went to the local knock off Ikea place – Banta, then to Ikea, then went online and everything we found was just outrageously expensive or couldn’t be made to fit our space or was just typical of most things for sale in Kuwait – overpriced and worthless.  Then we thought that maybe if we started looking for commercial kitchen stuff from closed businesses that we might be able to find something better.  Anita started researching and a lot of what she found looked an awful lot like what we already had in there – chrome metal shelves.  So we started looking hard at what we really needed in the kitchen and how we wanted to use the space then at what we had in the storage room (or elsewhere) that could possibly work in the kitchen.  After a little bit of legoing some thinner shelves onto the deeper one, re-purposing some marble tiles, and digging some “S” hooks out of the hardware box we put together a whole kitchen!  We’ve got storage for everything (even a few empty spaces), nothing is stacked more than three high, and everything is easily available to both of us.  Best of all we spent ZERO dinars on it all.  Well, we did have to buy an oven but we found one from another American who was leaving Kuwait for considerably less than a new store bought stove would’ve cost.  But other than that we spent ZERO dinars on it.  Check it out below.

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