Whatcha gonna do?

So I know this is WAAAAAAAY behind the power curve but I finally watched the last episode of the Sopranos.  I got into the show, certainly appreciated it more the more I watched, generally considered it one of the best series on TV, but just never got around to watching the final episode.  This was due to a few reasons, first I was only able to get bootleg copies of it at first (pre-slingbox) and just didn’t want to risk that I was watching some odd non-released post-production version.  Then, once I was able to get my hands on the box set I started ripping the discs to put them on my server.  TV shows can be bit tricky when the episodes aren’t encoded on the discs as individual files and you have to pull them off, re-encode them, then cut up the files into separate episodes.  I go to start doing this and my usual swiss army knife of decoding software is having some issues with these discs and I can’t get the individual episodes off. Long story, not so short I just set up folders for each disc and have to watch it as it I were watching the DVDs and not just a string of episodes across a whole season.  Ryan and Mark had been ‘bustin’ my bwalls’ about the last episode and the guys got together last night to play some cards since Grant was in town so I pulled up the last disc and sat down for an hour to watch the last episode.  I’m generally thinking that this is one of the best episodes of the series, we get to the end, Meadow is parking her car (amazing metaphor for her relationship with the dysfunctional family), “Don’t Stop Believing” is playing, she’s walking to the door, and instant cut to black.  I was stunned.  I’m sure I’ve got a data corruption issue at the worst possible moment and am cursing the server at this point.  Then… the credits start to roll.  No music.  Just white on black scrolling the screen.  I had to stand up and applaud!  That was the most perfect way for the series to end – nothing else would have worked.  The paranoia you feel through Tony’s eyes watching everyone in the restaurant, Meadow not fitting in, the family being real people despite the backdrop of their lives, and then the music.  I have started the entire series over from the beginning to give the family their proper “respect.”

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  1. To me it is not even a close call – Sopranos is the best series of all time. Don’t bring up that MASH crap. Had the Sopranos been running the Vietnam War, you can bet it would have ended much differently!

    It was an excellent ending. I firmly believe that Tony and the entire family were not killed in a fire ball moments after the cut to black. To me it was Tony’s ultimate triumph and victory. He does bear the scars of paranoia which were on full display in the closing moments of the final episode.

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