We’ve got GHOSTS!

Or at least that’s what Sydney would like you to believe.  Mimi and Pop sent over some really awesome super-long-range (like 18 miles) walkie talkies.  Not like the plasticy-you-were-more-likely-to-hear-the-other-person-conversationally-than-with-the-actual-walkie-talkie “C.H.I.P.S” kind I had as a kid but real live Uniden devices.

Well we’ve been finding one laying conspicuously close to where ever we are in the house whenever Syd is supposed to be doing something else.  It’s then that the ghost usually makes its presence known.  Mysteriously the “ghost” only communicates with us through the rogue walkie.  Not to worry – Dr. Veckman has been called.

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