We’re back online folks!

Yup, after an extraordinarily long summer hiatus we are back online and posting away.  I’m sure that at least one of our loyal viewers has noticed that we’ve posted like three months of what’s been going on in the last few days.  Thanks to WordPress ingenuity I was able to place the posts when they were originally drafted and/or occurred so we are once again back to a full and informative blog-o-the-godwins!  There are new posts all the way back to the dance recital in May.  I’ve added in all of our Disney trip (and you’ll have to forgive me – some of those posts are a bit long), Sydney and Anita’s last few weeks in the States, the start of school, birthday party season, and even last week’s night at the theater.  So enjoy coming through all of it to catch up if you’d like.

Over the weekend Sydney and I constructed a recycling box to keep our newspapers in.  The school has a recycling contest between the four houses (Sydney is in Windsor) and every Sunday you can bring in your bundled recycling packages for house points.  We’re thinking about beefing it up a bit, drawing up some plans and then possibly marketing them – of course Windsor folks will get the house discount.  We’ll see but ya gotta love how my little entrepreneur thinks!  Check out the box in action below.

Syd with the box... that's hand crafted polyurethane folks!
Bundling the newspapers...

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