Weekend Art Contest

The contestants and their art

I was challenged to an Easter egg themed art contest by our resident artist today.  We had available to us a mixed media set but our offerings had to be rooted in painting.  Anita was selected as the grand judge and was tasked to come up with a prize for the winner.  She was a fair if not exactly impartial judge but her prize development skills fell a bit flat.  Sydney produced several paintings in the time it took me to pull together my cool-guy Easter Egg/Bunny painting so she got extra points for the variety of work she presented.  In the end the judge felt that she could really feel the passion in Sydney’s work but that mine was a bit too commercial.  Sydney won 100 to 99.9.  I was like whateva…

Bunny #1 in process
Bunny #1 is thinking about something...
Bunny #2 has orange teeth from eating too many carrots

3 thoughts on “Weekend Art Contest”

  1. WOW!What a Great couple of priceless art pieces! I can see how hard it was for the judge but Sydney really stole the show! Pops and I loved seeing them.

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