Week in review…

Gas guys delivering the propane

This this was a busy week for us.  Sydney made the swim team.  We went the Friends of Girl-Guiding (FOG) cocktail party at the British Embassy – Dawn and Ryan came with since Anita had to work so I didn’t have to squint at the English folks all night trying to figure out what they were saying.  We got out our green yesterday for St. Patty’s day.  Godwin Breweries has four new flavors cooking.  Anita fixed the air conditioning (well I called the landlord, he sent out the repairs guys, and they did their thing, but Anita stood watch) AND she got the gas guys to deliver some more gas.  All in all it was a pretty busy week!

AC repair guys

The cocktail party was pretty fun last night.  I would think that they (FOG) met their fundraising goal.  There was an open bar and the British ambassador stopped by to say a few words.  There was a raffle at the end and I won a 50KD voucher to one of the local sunglasses/eye glasses shop and a giant basket of organic food.  I’m still trying to find something in the basket to fry.  Very thankfully the B’s came with so we got some time to chat and hang out.  I was all geared up for game night this weekend but apparently I had the wrong date so I’ve got to wait until next weekend.  Alright folks, there was a TON of stuff in the paper this morning that I’ve got to post on so I’m outta here on this one.

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  1. Thanks for the invite to the party. What an experience. Also, you seriously need to by some lottery tickets while you are hot.

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