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Well since I’m on the soapbox already (see my last post) I figured why not throw this one out there too.  My sister’s Godfather sent me the link to the video below.  Uncle Chuck spent a career in service to our country and obviously feels, like I do, that the foundations of the country he defended with his life are being eroded.  The video is about liberty, personal responsibility, and a rejection of the statist agenda being pushed by our current administration.  I’ll let the video do the talking from here.  Click the link to take the jump.


5 thoughts on “We the People…”

  1. Just imagine the traction of the TEA party and converative thought will gain if Obama passes health reform with the parlor trick of “Reconciliation”.

    Remember how apoplectic the Democrats went when the Senate Republicans tried to change Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster to confirm federal appellate court judges? Now we are talking about doing nearly the same thing for a government plan to manage 1/6 of the economy. Just imagine the fervor if it was the Republicans and George W. Bush trying to do this.

  2. Tell me about it – those fools would go NUTS. In every instance that the Republicans used reconciliation they did so for something that they already had the votes for and the support of the populace on. What the socialists are trying to do this time around should be illegal and is completely contrary to our legislative traditions.

  3. Well if they do it, the war will be on. And the Republicans better dig and not wimp out. So much for Obama and his promise to change the tone of Washington. He changed it alright; it has never been more caustic.

  4. Funny part is that the Republican party was formed to FREE the slaves (which the Democrats opposed). Martin Luther King was a Republican. And now they have their own ‘Coffee Party” full of children of the rich and people (of all colors) are ready to fall at their feet. By the way, do you know the difference between the Republican and Democrat parties? Republicans are rich greedy company owners who never worked a day in their lives and Democrats are the children of the rich greedy company owners that are still rebelling against their rich greedy Republican parents. And until Mommy and Daddy stop taking care of them, they will continue to do so. The worse part about it is, the hard working Americans are the ones stuck in the middle because somebody has to work so the money can keep rolling in. Oh, that’s right, Clinton (another poor little rich boy) sent all the good jobs overseas when he signed NAFTA so all the rich, greedy, company owners could pay kids 50 cents a day in sweat shops. (It’s legal over there)

  5. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts. I’m not sure that I agree with you characterizations of either party. In my opinion Republicans believe (in a fundamental way) in limited government, personal responsibility, and the liberty of the individual framed within a civil society. Modern Democrats seem to believe in a nanny state where “Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage”. They want to tax everyone into oblivion, destroy the free market, nationalize all private industry (and the next step will be private property), and feed the masses just enough drivel to keep them manageable.

    American jobs are bleeding overseas because of American unions which are the closest things we have to the communist parties of old. The tops of the pyramids live in luxury and influence policy to maintain their unearned income while the working men and women are taxed more as their ‘dues’ increase to support the top union executives and ever growing numbers of retirees who had been promised life long pensions. My father-in-law was one of those promised a pension and the company he worked for (Ford) has lived up to their end of the contract as they should. Without that pension my mother-in-law would be living a completely different life right now. All that being said the factory floor workforce of today has to understand that in order for Ford to maintain any kind of competitiveness on the world stage that this kind of pension structure may be a relic of the past and that just because your dad, grandfather, etc earned one doesn’t mean that you have the right to one. Business conditions change and benefit change along with them.

    Besides that our work force seems to have a sense of entitlement. They feel entitled to a four bedroom, three bath house, 3 cars, a TV in every room, and a cell phone in every hand. Those that work for what they have deserve it and there are tons of dual income families out there that do just that – work and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Then there’s the other hand. Workers with no real specialized skills beyond what the company has already given them, no higher education, but they do have a union card so they should be making $75K a year. Industry cannot afford that nor should private industry subsidize that sort of lifestyle for individuals who are not contributing in a reciprocal fashion to the success to the business. Our workforce need to get the skills and the education to compete for the jobs that pay those amounts – not cry to the union bosses about how the Jones are doing better than he is and his company should fix that.

    All that aside, if the government continues its wildly reckless spending plans and what will be the inevitable tax hikes to support said rampant spending then business of all types will leave this country of ours, jobs will be lost, unemployment will skyrocket, entitlements will grow, and the cycle will continue to feed upon itself until we are just another in a long line of bankrupt communist organizations. I hope we all wake up before its too late. We must put an end to this before our children grow up in an America that our grandparents wouldn’t recognize.

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