We have an Anita down… we have an Anita down…

The Techno-cast

Well folks it was bound to happen.  Anita was picking Sydney up from school driving home and one of the (expletive deleted) idiot (expletive deleted) drivers over here was paying absolutely no attention and clipped the Death Star in the rear deflector shields.  We lost a small part of the rear quarter panel guard, Anita picked it up threw it in the back, yelled at the idiot who’s whole front end looked like a used Kleenex, and drove home – cops be damned!  It was totally idiot woman’s fault but Anita had the FOG Bunco Night thing tonight and didn’t have time to waste the next 72 hours of her life dealing with police reports.

Unfortunately, that’s not where are harrowing tale ends.  Seems the Death Star as indestructible as it is put a bit of a smack down on Anita as well.  While laying on the horn to attract idiot woman to the fact that she was barreling down a street towards her without even looking up it seems Anita sprained her wrist.  She was complaining of pain later in the afternoon so we stopped by the emergency room just to check it out.  The ER sent her to orthopedics.  She saw the specialist, got an x-ray, and then got the good news that nothing was broken but she had sprained her wrist.  We were fairly certain that the lightening like pain that pushing the elevator button caused pointed to at least a sprain but were relieved that there wasn’t a full blown break.

So the doc is telling her to take it easy, no marathon potato peeling sessions, cut back on the reeling in marlins while fishing, you know – generally just take it easy.  Then he dropped the other shoe.  Despite there being no break Anita was still going to need a cast.  As we’re getting on a plane next week for our annual pilgrimage to the US (God Bless America!) this could put a damper on things.  But wait – there’s more!  Good today only the hospital was dishing out the latest in orthosis immobilization technology – the REMOVABLE cast!  That’s right folks, Anita is one step closer to living my dream of being bionic – well, there’s no real performance enhancing gear in the cast but it is still uber-cool.  They use a cotton mess that is filled with a binary polymer that shapes exactly to the region that needs to be immobilized, is light weight, and was completely set in under 15 minutes.   Sydney was a bit put out that she didn’t get the techno-cast first but took solace in the fact that Anita’s was grey and she got the hot pink version (last year when she had her break – not today or anything).

Anita is fine now, ready to do serious damage to the next ninja who tries to hit the Death Star, and very happy that the cast can come off for baths, to scratch that hard to reach itch, etc.  Check out some of the pix below – please excuse the color/resolution – they were taken with my phone.

The OKM System - AKA Techno-cast
All the gear that went into making the Techno-cast what it is today
The doc and nurse adding in the polymer prior to fitting
Molding it to Anita's arm
Final trimming of the Techno-cast
The x-ray - they let us bring it home!

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