Villa Al Godwin - Christmas 2016

Villa Al Godwin – Christmas 2016

If we had a chimney our stockings would be hung there…

With care of course!  Merry Christmas Kuwait!  This is not an advent calendar post – I know, crazy talk.  I also know that this particular post is a bit late in coming but it took us a few days to get all the Christmas decorations up.  Then I needed Sydney’s help to shoot some video. Had to gather up all the pictures and video.  And just in case you were wondering, all of this witty banter takes a minute or two to compose as well.  Anyways, here it is – Villa Al Godwin all decked out for Christmas 2016!  We’ve started things off with a quick little video that goes through most of the house.  Of course, if you want to poke around a bit more there are tons of pics below the video.  Merry Christmas Y’all!

Villa Al Godwin – Christmas 2016

The video is around 100MBs of Christmasy goodness from around the house.  It is hosted on the site so it will be about as quick as it can be in coming down but it still may take a minute or two the first time you stream it.  Just sayin’ in case it’s a little stuttery at first.

If you are at all inclined to do so there is a 4K render of this little video that can be downloaded from here.  Fair warning – it’s almost 2GB for the two-minute video so it may take a while to download.

And here come the pictures!

Yup, lots and lots of pictures.  If you’re in the neighborhood and want to stop by feel free.  Tours available for a song – sing us a carol and we’ll show you around.

The Dining Room – The Woodland Tree

The Beach House – The Beach Tree & Light Pink Tree

The Living Room – TheFamily Tree & the Jim Shore Tree

The Stairwell – The Nutcracker Tree

The Den – The Santa Tree

The Kitchen & My Office

1 thought on “Villa Al Godwin – Christmas 2016”

  1. Stew,
    Dude, the video is so amazing! Thanks for putting it together. I love everything. Not sure what my favorite decoration is, put here are two that made me say “holy crap!!”. I love the flashing lights behind the bar; looks so awesome. I also like the fake snow and ice skating rink. I can’t imagine how long it took you to set this all up. Plus, you likely put the kids and the grandkids of the Rubbermaid family through college with all the totes you must have bought. Thanks again for sharing. PS. I also loved the music you cut the video to. GREAT JOB!!!!
    Ryan B.

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