Trip to Tripoli

Catchy play on words up there in that title, huh?  You know you like it.

So I was thinkin’ the other day “you know, you’ve never been to Libya.”  My buddy Chad is in Libya, getting a new company off the ground.  Never been, good friend there, sounds like a chocolate-peanut butter moment to me!  So off I went, into the wild blue yonder.

The trip into Libya was a via Cairo so I got to stop in one crazy place on my way to another.  It was a fun time all around.  To be completely honest the Cairo airport was actually pretty nice.  I didn’t actually go into town and tried to strictly limit my interaction with any of the local crazies but the airport itself was nice.  Burger King served real Coke (not that nasty Saudi brewed crap they try to call Coke around Kuwait), the airport was clean, signs were in English, the facility was modern, and it was easy to get around.  It puts the Kuwait airport to shame – SHAME Kuwait airport, SHAME.  Now the Tripoli airport that was a different story.  I didn’t see any bomb craters or whole sections of the terminal missing but it felt like the whole place was being held together with bubblegum and duct tape.

On top of that, due to ever present power outages and the complete lack of any dependable internet connection the whole country is living in the dark ages.  EVERYTHING is still paper and pen.  The guy doing my visa had this ledger that was almost as wide as I am tall – looked like something from the Hogwarts library.  He literally hand copied the details from my passport and visa paperwork into said ledger, then hand wrote the applicable data onto the stamp that he then put in my passport.  Granted the same could be said of Kuwait just three or four years ago but DAY-UM!  At one point we went to an internet cafe – I am not making this up but they wouldn’t let me take a picture because there was some woman over in the corner being told she shouldn’t be learning how to use these evil machines that only men can master – and every PC in this ‘state of the art’ facility was running Windows 95!  I was like being at the Academy again!

So anyways, this is the getting there part of all this – there will be more shortly.  Enjoy some pics from along the way.

This is a walkway between terminals in Cairo. Everything was clean, well kept, and in all honestly it looked very modern. Not what I was expecting at all – of course this was probably made before the crazies took over…
They even had crappy art installations!
This is the airport in Tripoli – not quite as up to date…
Ohhhhh, fancy….
Trying to drive to or away from the airport – a nightmare. I swear to God, these people went to the “Rock’em Sock’em Robots School of Driving”
This is the lobby of the first hotel we stayed at. It was a RAT HOLE! I don’t even remember the name or I would post it up here. The worst part was even tho a local made the reservations for us they still charged us the ridiculous infidel price. We were here one night and then out.

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