Toy Story here we come!

The girls on the Toy Story ride

So day three at the Big D started at Disney Hollywood Studios.  We had a character breakfast scheduled at Playhouse Disney but slept in a bit and grabbed a bite at the hotel before catching the bus over to the studios.   As soon as we hit the gates we bee-lined it over to the Pixar Studios area of the theme park.  I’m not 100% sure but this might have been the Toon Town area before.  The redesign was awesome tho – Toy Story stuff everywhere!  We went straight for the Toy Story ride but even tho we were in the park right after it opened the line was almost too the door already.  With no fast pass we had to wait in the long line.  The interior wait area was awesome tho – full of giant toys, hand drawn art from Andy’s room, and a talking Mr. Potato Head!  The ride itself was great.  You rode in four person cars in pairs of two that sat back to back.  As you rode through the ride you moved from one to the next through a series of 3D screens where you could use your ride’s cannon to knock down carnival-like targets.  As the ride ended you saw your score in relation to your cart’s teammates, the day’s high scores, and the ride’s high scores.  I rocked my cart but was way short of the ride’s high scores.

After leaving Toy Story we entered the world of Narnia.  We got in line because we had some time to kill before lunch and it was a “show” ride so we figured we could sit for a bit and then grab some lunch.  Nope, no seats.  We stood in a room decorated like one of the sets from the second Narnia movie and watched clips from that movie.  For like 25 minutes – yeah it was great.  Then after the ‘show’ we exited through a little museum of costumes and props from the movie.  Syd was into some of the costumes.  So after that brief little detour through Narnia we walked right onto the Great Movie Ride (no wait) and then it was off to lunch at the Sci-Fi Diner.

The diner is set up like an indoor drive-in movie theater.  You sit in tables dressed up in cars and there’s a screen that plays promos from old 50’s B movies.  Our waiter was a riot and was running in a state representative race in Florida.  He was running as an independent against a previously unopposed Republican who had been in the office for over two decades.  He was running on a smaller government/fiscal responsibility platform and said that so far his campaign was building a reasonable amount of steam.  He had served in the military and even lived and worked overseas (in Oman) so we had a lot to talk about.  I think he caught some grief from a manager about hanging at our table too long but it was still pretty cool.

So, very full from lunch – which was awesome – we headed back out into the drizzle.  Day three of the rain but we had our most awesome gi-ganto umbrellas so we were quite dry.  Anyways, we were still at the studios and decided to head over to the Star Wars / Indiana Jones area.  As we walked up to the Endor-like exterior of Star Tours Sydney was all sorts of excited.   There wasn’t much of a line at all and we rolled almost all the way up to the Starspeeder 3000’s doors.  The first time around Anita came with us but Sue and Cheyenne sat it out.  Syd like it so much that we got right back in line to ride it again.  The second time there was more of a line so we got to see the stuff inside – R2D2, C3PO, Monocalamari techs, etc.  We didn’t know it at the time but that was one of the last weeks that Star Tours would be operational.  In August it is being taken off line and completely redesigned.  Rumor has it that the new ride will feature the Starspeeder 1000 and offer tours to Tatooine, Endor, and Alderan!  It is supposed to operational in the summer of 2011 – Syd and I will definitely be back for that!  Anyways, after the second time around we poked around the gift shop for a bit and Sydney found a Princess Leia costume.  We couldn’t find her size but the folks behind the counter searched the back room and came back with one that will be good for at least one Halloween!  I got a light-saber and will have to come up with some Jedi robes to accompany her highness this fall!

With our swag on the way back to the GF Syd and I took off to catch up with everyone else.  We found Anita, Sue, and Cheyenne and  our next stop was over to the Indian Jones stunt show.  The show was filling up by the time we went in to save seats but we all got to sit together and watched Indy do his thing.  The show hadn’t changed much – still had folks from the audience participate, the giant boulder, the exploding plane – good times all around.  After the show we decided that since we had only walked past the awesome pools at the hotel and never jumped in that we would call it a day at the parks and hit the pool for a bit.  All in all another awesome day at the big D!

Entering the Pixar Studios area...
The girls in line at the Toy Story ride
Ahhhh! Giant monkeys!
Tinkertoys? Really? What - no Legos?
The girls with Mr. P.
Lunch at the Sci-Fi Diner
Under an Imperial Walker
Ewok settlements on Endor
C3PO & R2D2
Syd in front of the Starspeeder 3000 schematics
The Indiana Jones Stunt Show
Giant boulder!

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