Third rate nuclear powers of the world can suck it…

The Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB)

So yeah, Iran can put a mouse in space.  Russia is trying to re-solidify their sphere of influence by pushing out our land based missile shields.  North Korea is lobbing artillery shells into the ocean (gotta love the rationale on that show of force).  Oh yes, the West is trembling.  So while what’s left of the Axis of Evil is fitting rodents for space suits what are we doing?  Sitting back and dusting our stockpiles of ‘oh-so-last-year’ projectile weapons?  Polishing our fleets of UAVs?  Nope, we’re right back out there pushing the envelope baby!

According to a story being distributed by Reuters on 12 Feb the one and only United States Air Force has shot down a short-range “threat representative” liquid-fueled ballistic missile with a megawatt-class High Energy Laser which fires through a telescope located in the nose of the Boeing 747 on which it is mounted.  The system is capable of targeting multiple threats simultaneously and in the test covered by the article it was able to target, track, and destroy the missile in the boost stage – over the soil of the idiot nation who decided to launch said weapon.

Infrared imagery of the target as it is destroyed and starting to break up

So if that’s what they’re telling us now I’m betting we’ve got these things strapped to some heavy duty UAVs and are loitering them over Iraq and Afghanistan right now just waiting for the first nuclear powered mouse trap to be launched into space by Iran.  What was that my Socialist friends?  Star Wars was just a fairy tale?  The money was better spent expanding your grip on our freedoms?  Hmmmmm, I beg to differ.  You can now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!

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  1. This is very awesome. Key take away here fellas is: this is the US Air Force…clearly not the Army or they would have also attached a reflective belt to the laser beam. I would think that said belt would throw off the telemetry.

    Air Power!

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