The week of me!

So for those of you who may not know when Anita’s birthday rolls around we are subjected to the month of me (me being Anita) and as much fun as that may sound none of the rest of us ever got to pull down an entire month of our own so things were somewhat one sided there.  Well fear not faithful readers!  Despite the fact that my birthday was last week I’ve had a whole week of fun! Of course you’ve seen the highlights from earlier but on Tuesday the old USPS came through and a box from Mom & Dad made it over here thanks to the APO system.  Not only did I get the aforementioned Amazon gift certificate but I got three awesomely breathable short sleeve summer shirts and the game Sybarit.  The game rocks – its a trivia game about food, drinks, and etiquette.  It was a HUGE hit at our last game night – of course yours truly walked away with the first place trophy!

Everything you need to play the game

But wait!  We don’t stop there.  On Wednesday the company that I work for (the one I consider my day job) replaced all of their rental cars,  I was driving one – a Toyota Prado – overly typical mini-SUV that you see a lot over here.  Well I had to turn it in.  But later that afternoon they brought the new vehicle.  They tell me its an SUV but that’s open for debate.  It is a Hyundai Tucson.  It’s tiny but there is unbelievably enough headroom in it for me.  No real bells and whistles but its kinda curvy.  We’re still working on what to call it but as of right now the front runners are ‘pillbox of death’ and the ‘tie fighter’ (since you could launch several of these little things from Anita’s vehicle that we call the Death Star).  I knew it was coming but hey it showed up during the week so it was like a present.

The new company car...

Finally, to top it all off my poker buddies all got together and chipped in for a little bday surprise.  They had one of the best local bakeries put together a cake for me.  Of course they went with a poker theme and the cake was in the shape of a giant poker chip!  I almost turned the delivery guy away thinking he had the wrong place but he pushed up to the gate despite my protests and I saw the box had my name on it.  So thanks a lot guys – Wayne and everyone else – the cake really rocks!

Stew's World Poker Tour!

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  1. Well we are glad it made it and before your last game night! If you don’t like the shirts they can be returned just bring them when you come. Glad you liked the game it sounded like it was made for you! Love the cake they really know you! Please be careful in the “bullet” always have an escape plan!! Love, M&D

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