The trip to Columbus that almost wasn’t…

We sat in KC for three extra hours because of this thing...

So we head off to the airport, get there, and get in line curbside to drop off the luggage.  So far so good.  We get up to the counter and apparently Anita’s Skymile status gets us free priority upgrades to our luggage.  Not only did we not have to pay for the bags we also got little tags which get them off the plane first – love it.  Things are moving pretty smoothly so far.  We wander down to Burger King and I pay the equivalent of a down payment on a house for three sausage biscuits but it’s the airport so I try not to have a heart attack.  Then its down to the gate.

We pass through security fairly easily.  Anita got pulled to the side because of the techno cast but that wasn’t that big of a deal.  The security folks wouldn’t let me give her her shoes which I thought was odd but hey, being bare foot for a few minutes or get labeled a terrorist – I was good holding on to the shoes for a minute.  So they dust Anita’s techno-cast for gun powder residue and eventually let her on through.  We sit down and wait for the cattle call.  We’re in the back of the bus on this flight so we’re in no real hurry to get on the plane.  Then they call us up to the gate.  I’m not sure why since we checked in online, already have our boarding passes, and are ready to go.  So I roll on up and hand over our boarding passes.  Then Anita’s status kicks in again and magically the nice lady behind the counter hands back new boarding passes – for FIRST CLASS!  That’s right, we rock.

So we’re on the plane rockin it up front and generally digging our new locale.  The flight is full so it takes some time to get everyone on-board.  Finally, everyone is on and the crew is doing the safety brief.  The captain gets on the PA and tells us that we’re almost ready to push back.  Then we don’t push back.  Then the crew disarms the doors.  Then the captain is back on the PA.  Apparently the ground equipment that starts the engine isn’t working so we’re not going anywhere.  An hour and three pieces of equipment later we’re still not going anywhere.  The line us all up and kick us off the plane.

We all line up to see about getting on the next flight.  Anita has the brilliant idea of calling the super secret dedicated phone number for Delta VIPs and they book us on the next available flight – eight hours later.  So at this point we’re calling home to let them know we’re going to be late and trying to decide whether or not to stay at the airport or to head back to the house.  As I’m on the phone talking to M&D’s answering machine they tell us that the engines are now started and we can re-board the plane.  Yeah – got to keep our first class seats!

The flight was fine and we arrived into Atlanta with no problem.  Got our luggage in no time and then found the shuttle down to Columbus.  So they roll on up and I’ve got the bags in the back when the driver asks where Syd’s car seat is.  Now she’s 7, over 4 ft tall, and I’m pretty sure she weighs enough to not need the seat but they won’t let her on without it.  So at this point I’m running through Hartsfield trying to find the “car seat swap room”.  Yeah, everyone knew where it was too.  I finally decide to talk to the Delta luggage people to see if they knew where it was.  The woman who was helping me said there was no such thing but that they had some they would lend to passengers who’s seats didn’t make it.  I said that that doesn’t cover me but without it I’ve got to cab it over to Wal-Mart to pick one up.  At this point she asks for my ticket stubs and here come the VIP status again!  Five minutes later I’ve got the car seat in my hand and am back out the door.

We catch the next bus down to Columbus and are having BBQ for dinner in no time!  I love being home!

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