The House of Mouse Baby!

So after months of planning and more than a few reworks by our AWESOME Disney specialist Debi (visit her at her website if you ever plan on making a visit to Disney World) we have finally arrived.  We even managed to keep the fact that Granny and Cheyenne (Sydney’s cousin) were joining us secret from Sydney all this time so when we ran into them in the airport she really didn’t know what to say.  If you know how chatty Syd can be you understand the significance of this statement.

Sydney & Cheyenne
Disney's Magic Express - airport to hotel non-stop!

So we all met up and then checked in the Magic Express for the ride over to the resort.  Two stops later we were at the Grand Floridian and being escorted to the front desk.  We checked in, dropped off our carry-ons, and then ran down to 1900 Park Fare for dinner.  We had forgotten that it was a character meal so when we walked in and were met by Cinderella’s Prince Charming it was a lot of fun.  We also got to meet the big C’s step mother and sisters and to with all due respect to their majesties the sisters really stole the show.  Since we forgot it was a character meal we weren’t prepared with our autograph books and had to run over to the hotel’s gift shop to pick one up but managed to get everybody’s John Hancock before dinner was over.

Cinderella & Prince Charming
The girl's & Prince Charming
Lady Tremaine
Cinderella & the girls

We were also surprised by an after dinner treat for the girls.  Apparently by royal decree both of the girls were proclaimed actual princesses for the duration of our trip down here.  They were the envy of the dinning room!

The "Proclaim Her A Princess" package
Up close - a flower wand, signed & framed proclamation, pillow with tiara, charm bracelet, and glass slipper!

After dinner it was back to the room to unpack since our bags arrived from the airport a little after we did.  Cheyenne has been wonderful so far and even surprised Sydney with a special 4th of July outfit complete with Star Spangled Flip Flops she made herself!

4th of July here we come!
Star-Spangled Slippers!

The girls hit the pool with Granny for a few minutes and I’m typing away.  In a few more minutes we’re heading down to the marina to hop on our own personal tour of the Seven Seas’s Lagoon where we will catch tonight’s fireworks over the Magic Kingdom!  More pics below!

Driving in...
The Grand Floridian
Stopping to bang out a quick tune
The main lobby

2 thoughts on “The House of Mouse Baby!”

  1. Wow! These pictures are great. I’m so excited by the reception of the “Princess Proclamation”! You mentioned me on your blog too–I’m honored. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the Princess breakfast this morning. I’m also anxious to hear how the fireworks are tonight over at Hollywood Studios. I’ll be waiting for the report! Fun to all! Debi

  2. So very awesome. My face hurts from smiling so much after reading this post. What a great time and great memories!

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