The Girls Are Home!!!

After more than a month over here in the hot all by myself Sydney & Anita have returned.  Apparently their flights went very well, no major customer service issues, delays, etc.  They did make a stop in Saudi Arabia (yuck) before hitting the ground over here and the flight was listed as “direct” so that’s one thing I’m going to have to bring up with the ‘truth in advertising’ folks over at KLM.  Other than that flight wise they were pretty good to go.

The little girl behind the NAS counter at the airport tried to extort another $50 out of me when I went to check and make sure they had Anita & Sydney down for the meet and greet.  Magically the “new” fees disappeared as soon as I told Little Miss Criminal Mind to join me upstairs in the manager’s office so he could explain said fees to me.

As soon as they touched down Anita shot me a text and they were through customs and baggage in less than 20 minutes and we were home in less than 30!  Now it took me another three hours to get them both in bed but at least everyone is home now.  Under the threat of bodily harm I was warned against posting any pictures of them after two days in planes and airports so you can’t really see them but you can pick out the lime green suitcases – that’s them!


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  1. Ah how the images of the Kuwait airport rekindle memories of my old stoppin’ grounds. Kuwaitis smoking right next to the no smoking sign, no respect for lines or basic human decorum. I sure do miss my time there!!

    Ryan B

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