The Garden Phase II

So last sumer we did a little re-work on the front yard.  After moving in the dogs basically destroyed almost everything green that was out front.  They laid on and killed the ground cover, dug holes in the grass, ate the bushes – it was pretty bleak.  To rectify the situation we brought in ‘a guy’ who planted some things around the yard and laid some sod.  It was a decent patch job but at that point the yard lacked color.  We fixed the lack of color issue at Christmas by planting a ton of bougainvilleas all over.  Its been almost five months now and they are really starting to take off in the summer sun.  Hopefully by this fall not only will there be green every where but there will be color!  Once everything is bloom we’ll update with new pix.  Here are a few of the old shots for now.

Before the dogs killed everything...
Another pre-dog-destruction shot...
Work in progress - Feb rain shower
Another shot from Feb 2010
The side yard - May 2010
The trellis - May 2010
The jungle by the front door - May 2010 - to be trimmed up a bit

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