The Deathstar has been branded – again…

The new monogram...

So y’all that know us know that Anita’s car is known far and wide as the Deathstar.  It’s a giant SUV manufactured by communists but purchased in the resale market before they were ‘too big to fail.’  Hopefully to be replaced very soon with an equally oversized Ford of some sort.  Anyways, years ago Anita was the only person driving around Kuwait with a monogrammed SUV – this should also come to no surprise to anyone who knows Anita as if she could find monogrammed paper towels – we’ve have them.  Actually it was pretty awesome for a while – it helped finding the car in parking lots and that sort of thing.  Unfortunately a while back the Deathstar’s rear window came loose at the hinges – literally the only thing holding it in was the hydraulic arm mechanism.  So with the busted window went the monogram sticker and Anita was sad.

Until Christmas morning came around and Mimi & Pop (well Sydney’s Mimi & Pop, Mom and Dad to me, Bill and Cindy to the rest of y’all) came through with a brand spankin’ new monogram – pink and everything.  We’ve been debating whether or not to put it on the Deathstar as we’re kicking around the idea of a Second Deathstar and might want to hold onto it until then.  DS2 may be a while away at this point so the sticker went on today.

See... classy... ooooo....

Please keep in mind this is a classy and discreet monogram – not some crack head’s I’m too lazy to even say hello but you should email me anyway attempt to pick someone up by putting their crackberry/hashtag/email on the back of their car sticker.

Seriously? You're driving a Toyota and that's how you meet people - with your crackberry?

So anyways, the Deathstar is back in hot pink!


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  1. Love it! Not to worry if a new DS comes we will send a new monogram!Can’t have you driving a “nekked” car!!

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