The Brownie Promise

We're in the Brownies now...

Well it’s official folks – our little Rainbow is now a full fledged Brownie.  Along with three other girls last night Sydney took the Brownie Promise and was ceremoniously granted her sash.  It was awesome.  She was presented by Emma Pearson (the daughter of her Reception teacher – Mrs. Pearson) and first had to formally ask to join the Brownies, then she had to recite the Brownie Promise and the Brownie Law, after all of that she was given her sash and welcomed into the 1st Salmiya Brownies!  Now keep in mind that this group is part of the UK Girl Guides and not the US Girl Scouts so there are a few minor differences – chief among them would be the reference in the promise to serve the Queen.  Could be a whole hell of a lot worse  – I mean its not like we’re memorizing songs about the Queen being a messiah or anything.  But I digress.  We’ve got some pictures of the ceremony below.  The whole thing took place inside the Hall at school which has notoriously awful lighting so please bear with the pictures – I’ve done what I can to make them better.   Enjoy!

Prior to taking the promise
Emma presenting Sydney
Brown Owl administering the promise
Receiving the sash

8 thoughts on “The Brownie Promise”

  1. Love it!! Why couldn’t we have had those cool outfits when I was in brownies?!? I had to look like a giant tootsie roll complete with a brown beanie on my head! 🙂

  2. There ya go momma – scan away! An edited post is just a mouse click away! And I’m sure Sydney would LOVE to see Aunt Sissy as a Brownie!

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