Thanksgiving in Kuwait – Gobble Gobble!

InstagramCapture_11f69ee1-9fad-492d-9045-c57dadd46f54I gotta tell ya – I love Thanksgiving!  Reminders of everything that is good in your life and all the reasons you have to be thankful, turkey bird, good friends, family – what’s not to love?  This year we just had a really small dinner – just the Coopers and us.  I smoked a turkey and while I just barely got it off the smoker before it hit 168F it was still pretty good – a little dry but a great smokey flavor.  Other than the temp on my smoker being waaaay higher than it should of been smoking that big ol’ bird was a cinch.  You bring the thawed turkey the night before, stuff it with some aromatics (apple, onion, celery, sage), rub it with a high smoke point oil, a little salt, and boom you’re ready for the smoker.  I smoke with hickory because that’s what we like and it makes the outside smell like campfire.  Fixin’s wise we stuck to the basics.  Stew’s loaded mashed potatoes – the potatoes are really nothing more than a conveyance for all that is good in the culinary world – cheese, butter, bacon, garlic – mmmmmmm.  Anita did her magic five cheese baked mac-n-cheese.  I did a sausage dressing, mushroom dressing, and doctored up some Stove Top (for Anita).  Sydney requested some scalloped potatoes so we had another potato dish.  I found some local (shudder I know but it was actually really good) corn so we had some really crisp and sweet corn on the cob!  we of course had a green been salad too.  Tina made an amazing sweet potato casserole, an ambrosia salad, and two stunning pies – apple and pumpkin!  We enjoyed an excellent bottle of wine that Bill Robinson gave us last Christmas so it was a real stuff dinner all around!  All of us here in Outer Godwinia hope that you had a very Happy Thanksgiving too.


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