Thanksgiving in Kuwait 2016

Thanksgiving in Kuwait

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

wp_20161124_18_00_56_pro_liI hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We are very lucky and very thankful that even though we can’t be with Mimi & Granny and our sisters that we still have great friends over here (and around the world) that are essentially family.  This year the Coopers invited us over for a great Thanksgiving in Kuwait.  We had a fantastic dinner and a great time – Americans in Kuwait style.  Thanksgivings over here are just a bit different than they are at home.  We still have turkey (when you can find it).  We don’t have to eat out in the dirt or anything but Thanksgiving is just different here.

School on Thanksgiving!

First off, the kids have to go to school on Thanksgiving! Apparently, it’s not a holiday for all of the brit schools over here.  Seriously, how I am supposed to teach Sydney the finer points of roasting a turkey and whipping a meringue if she’s in school all day? Since the kids are in school all day that usually pushes dinner back until after 5PM.  Not all that unusual and it does give us plenty of time to cook all day.  It’s just weird having to take Sydney to school and then go pick her up in the middle of cooking.

Got Turkey?

Then there’s dinner.  If you’re new here you’re probably eating a chicken as turkeys are a relatively rare bird in stores over here.  We have access to shopping most don’t and stock up of butterballs when we can.  That’s what chest freezers are for.  The same can be said for practically anything else on the menu.  If you buy it store bought you better stock up when you see it and hope it makes it to turkey day.  Otherwise, learn to make just about everything from scratch.  This is the route we’ve gone with the exception of Stove Top.  Anita loves her some Stove Top.  I make real dressing but she’s still got to have the box stuff.

There’s A Flag On That Play

Thanksgiving TV isn’t at all what you’d have at home either.  Even if you do have a way to location shift your TV from back home you’re still watching the parade late in the afternoon.  If you’re watching on an AFN box then you’re not bombarded with Black Friday ads.  We stream from home so we get to see all the deals we’re not going to be standing in line for.  Football is a bit problematic since it starts so late and half the viewing audience usually objects.  Most folks who care about pro ball over here have some sort of NFL package so they can watch whenever they want.  We caught a few plays of the Detroit game this year though so it’s all good.

Plenty To Be Thankful For

Don’t misinterpret all of that as whining – it’s just a little color commentary for those of you not here.  We’re thankful to be able to get together with friends and family.  Where ever we end up we/they always pull off an amazing meal.  There is almost always a non-American in the group so we can reminisce about Thanksgivings of old as a means of indoctrinating our foreign friends.  Most of all we get to spend time with those friends we’ve chosen to make family.  For all of you all around the world, we are truly thankful.

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