Thanks, but I can take care of that myself. I’m a Republican…

Yup, big shocker for all of you out there who know me.  I’m a registered Republican.  This is one subject that I will try to leave to the experts to discuss as I am merely a concerned citizen and not a political professional.  That being said I do like to poke fun at the opposition which has a very firm grip on my mother and sister.  Most recently that has taken the form of some really awesome Reagan-esque t-shirts from that I got for my Dad for Christmas.  Dad thought they were awesome, groans from the rest of the room.  However, on a recent game night at the B’s it seems I was ahead of the power curve on this particular trend as Ryan was also sporting a quite awesome WWRD? t-shirt.  Point?  GOP t-shirts are awesome!

Along a completely related theme I was forwarded an excellent video from my old weight lifting coach.  It depicts two Democrats in an ’emergency’ situation.  If you’re a socialist or a sympathizer you probably won’t like it.  If not have fun and click here to download.   Ok, enough funnies for today, have to get to work.

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