Thank goodness there’s all that global warming out there…

Yeah, I’m one of those folks who would like to see some statistics from a non-disgraced truthful scientist before destroying the economies of the free world over a little weather.  Go ahead throw the hate bombs.  Doesn’t bother me.  Mostly because it was snowin’ like crazy back in Columbus Georgia!

Yup, Mimi & Pop (and Bob) had to hit the grocery store to stock up on essentials before the blizzard of ’14 rolled in and once it did everything in ol’ C-town closed-down.  If the bad guys of the world really wanted to put the pinch on us just threaten Columbus with a little snow – even Ft. Benning shuts down.  No war today folks, snow delay.

Kidding aside it looks awesome!  Even in the dead of winter here the best we can hope for is to see our breath while we open the freezer door so even a little bit snow looks all winter wonderlandy.  Of course there are pictures.  The need to photographically document every ten minutes of our lives is an inherited trait from Mimi so of course she sent us some awesome pics!  Enjoy.

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