TES Informal Concert Series

Today was another mini-recital in the TES Informal Concert Series.  About every six weeks the school’s music department puts one of these on and this time Sydney was asked to play.  There were maybe a dozen students of various ages and abilities playing piano, flute, recorders, violin, and even a cello.  Overall everyone did a very nice job.  Afterwards we were chatting with Sydney’s instructor who mentioned that she thinks Sydney would be a natural on the french horn!  Dad was a tuba player and Aunt Shari was known to have had a trumpet at one time or another so who knows!  Anyways, there are a few shots from the show below along with a short video of Sydney’s piece.  Enjoy!

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Tickling the ivories...
She did exceptionally well we thought - wish I could've played like that at nine!


3 thoughts on “TES Informal Concert Series”

  1. Love it! You were wonderful. We are so proud of you. You have worked really hard to be so very good at your age! We love and miss you, Mimi and Pop

  2. Will says: That was Sydney? Wow, she’s really good!
    to Sydney: I miss you a lot. I hope you’re having fun in Kuwait; I’m having lots of fun here in Canada playing with my cousins & my new friends at my new school called Errol Village Public School. In a month and a half I am moving again to a golf course. I think I’m going to be happy there because there’s a pool and a putting green. I’ll have lots of fun. If you come to Canada please come visit me.
    From your friend, Will.
    PS I hope you remember me.

  3. Hi Will! Do you remember Shaden? Well I heard she’s moving to Canada. Of course I remember you! I will try and visit you but now I am stuck in Kuwait. We are doing a production about the Olympics. Wish you were here.
    Love Sydney

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