TES Character Day

So every year TES holds a “character day” where they let the kids dress up as literary characters.  This year Sydney’s grade is studying Science Fiction as a genre so the year 4 classes got to dress up as their favorite Sci-Fi characters.  This led to a bit of a quandary on our part as we searched for FEMALE Sci-Fi characters from LITERATURE that Sydney had read.  As Sci-Fi is much more of a visual medium and an adult genre finding children’s Sci-Fi books was hard enough – finding one with a strong female lead was painful.  We finally decided on the book Michael Vey – Prisoner of Cell 25 as it was actually a BOOK and the lead character’s “second in command” was a freshman cheerleader named Taylor Ridley.  The book is a pretty decent ‘young adult’ book that actually poses some pretty tough scenarios to kids who are usually just flooded with crap about their undying longing to be impregnated by a vampire.  The lead characters love their parents and when faced with the easy but wrong path chose the hard but right thing to do.  Anyways, after pulling the book down to Sydney’s Fire and getting her started Mr. Wigg (her teacher) let everyone know that he’d be coming in as Luke Skywalker as Star Wars was his favorite Sci-Fi story.  So yeah, we dumped all of that and jumped on the nearest tydirium shuttle.  As we’d already heard most of the girls in class were going as Princess Leia Sydney was having none of that and opted for Queen Amidala! Anita pulled off a costume fairly reminiscent of the one she wore during the end of Episode I when the queen and her security forces attacked Theed in order to recapture the throne room and force the droid army to retreat.  Sydney got to bring her Star Wars blaster in as part of her costume so she was excited and apparently it was a big hit.  Check her out below.

What we were shooting for...


The finished product - not too bad for one night's work.

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