Sydney is leaving Brownies – on to Guides!

Today was Sydney’s last Brownie meeting.  Seriously, like yesterday she was just starting Rainbows!  The girls in her Brownie troop held a very nice ceremony to say goodbye and their new Guiding leader and one of the oldest guides in Kuwait welcomed Sydney and two of her friends into Guides.  It was really pretty neat and being the last meeting before Christmas there were cupcakes, and pizza, and treasure hunts – all sorts of fun stuff.  See for yourself below.




2 thoughts on “Sydney is leaving Brownies – on to Guides!”

  1. Hello! I just came across your blog through a friend. I teach at AIS and I’m from Michigan. I’ve been talking to a few Girl Scouts in MI who want to know more about Kuwait and would love to be in contact with a troop in Kuwait. I’d love to connect you! Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in 🙂

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