Still no CAC card…

Well I spent the entire day yesterday ready to strangle the idiot security contractors at Camp Arifjan. They apparently can’t find their ass with a map and a flashlight. I called three (YUP – 3) separate offices before driving out there. All three military personnel said the same thing – all I need to get on post is the paperwork which will get me my card. I’ve already jumped through my butt getting all the paperwork signed off so I’m thinkin this is a good thing. So I drive the almost hour south to Arifjan. I get to the ECP and the security guys looks at my paper and my passport says I’m good to go but I need to stop at Pass & ID to get an escort badge. No big deal, just one more quick stop. I pull up to the Pass & ID section, hop out of the car, wade through the 4Million TCN truck drivers and arrive at the counter. They can’t let me in, I have to have a copy of my paperwork so that they can prove I was the guy they let in. Ok, not that big a deal – where’s your copier? Of course they don’t have one. Ok, how about a printer? Nope, don’t have one of those either. OooooooK… Back in the car, 30 minutes north to the Kinkos at the airport. Kinkos is another COMPLETELY worthless organization here in Kuwait but that’s another story. 15 black and white pages and 3KD (over $10USD) later I’m back on the road. 30 minutes later, back at Pass & ID. Give them the copy. They ask where my escort is. What escort? You didn’t mention anything about an escort when I was here last time. I mumble something about his mother’s lineage and walk back outside. On the phone to Sadeq. He is an US citizen, green stripe CAC card holder – he can escort me in. Good news, he’s actually on Camp Arifjan. 20 minutes and he can meet me. He arrives at Pass & ID. Oh, no, you need a DOD CIVILIAN, not a DOD Contractor to escort you. He can’t do it. Now I’m about to crawl over the counter grab this worthless POS and extract my escort badge from his heart. But instead I pack up my stuff and as calmly as possible head back to the truck. I’ll have to call one of the military members we work with and see if I can by them lunch in exchange for a ride onto post. The worst part about the whole ordeal is that now I feel like I no longer hold the moral high ground while bitching about the Kuwaiti red tape. It was no different at all yesterday and I was supposed to be dealing with the US government.

So anyways, later we had our little Halloween get together for the kids. It was fun, just hung out and let the kids play on the playground equipment and had a few Happy Meals for dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. While we were there another family arrived who apparently had the same idea. 16 children from 13 to 4 and 5 adult maids all got out of the same Suburban. It was literally like watching the clown car at the circus. All of us just sat there and counted them as they kept coming. It was bizarre to say the least. Of course they thought we had lost our minds. A bunch of Americans hangin’ out at the playground with five kids in costume. They really didn’t know what to do with us. But in the end everyone seemed to get along – kids are kids.

Still working on the site. We’ve got the four day Eid holiday coming up so I should have plenty of time to finish things this weekend. We’re also gonna try and have Zeyad and Amani and maybe a few other folks over to whoop up on them at Trivial Pursuit. I, of course, want to play my new all six episode Star Wars DVD Trivial Pursuit but Anita is refusing. She’s gonna cry when I come home with a Jedi Robe one day. Well I think that’s about it for today. Tune in tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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