Sticking to their guns?

Ok, before we get into this let me start off by saying that this is really the one point where my Republican brothers and I diverge.  I am in favor of gun control.  I would gladly give up my right to own an semi-automatic .50cal weapon to know that Sydney won’t ever have to face one.  Now I understand that taking guns away from citizens in no way correlates to criminals not having guns and I don’t have a good answer to the problem.  I’m just saying I’m not a huge fan of guns.

All that being said the peacocks are on the air demonizing Starbucks for — wait for it — adhering to the local laws!  Yup, where it is legal for registered gun owners to carry their weapons in public Starbucks has decided NOT to break the law and allows gun carrying coffee drinkers into their stores.  One can question the logic behind behind allowing caffeine addicts to carry live weapons but so far it is not against the law.  Not that I’m a big fan of $20 cups of coffee either or feel some need to defend a corporation like Starbucks but they’re being shredded in the liberal media for ‘their policy’ to allow gun owners in their stores.  This is NOT their policy – it is a fact of LAW – and where it is legal they are abiding by the law.  Where it is not legal they are no way encouraging their patrons to break the law and celebrate ‘bring your guns to the coffee shop’ day.  So why are they being ripped to shreds?  Because owning guns is yet another personal liberty that requires personal responsibility and this is something that the statist left abhors.

So for that, I will be heading across the street and picking up a bag of Starbucks coffee beans to serve to my friends the next time they’re over at the house.  If Starbucks is your thing come on over.

7 thoughts on “Sticking to their guns?”

  1. Yeah the logo is cool but I can’t take credit for it tho – I found it online. I’ve got my bag of Starbucks in the fridge waiting for a coffee drinker to head my way! Now my Starbucks was bought locally so hopefully the funds aren’t going to Hezbollah!

  2. Dear Me,
    Thank you for taking the time to read not only the posting but also the comments from our thoughtful and devoted readers. Whilst your statement seems to be rather antagonistic we must ask you to refrain from badgering our most loyal of fans and avid commenter. Thank you again for your interest in our rantings but please keep your hate mongering to yourself.

  3. Dear Me,
    I am a Republican and therefore I do have a job. Stew’s Blog is a daily visit for me…interesting, upbeat, and sometimes strange content, but never, never stale or boring.

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