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Slingbox rocks the house!

Well ever since I started checking out the stats for the blog I’ve noticed a few things.  First – the post about literary dress up day from last year where Syd was Dorthy is getting an unreal number of hits.  Second a lot of searches on the words “Slingbox and Kuwait” are leading people here.  So let me say without exaggeration the Slingbox is the coolest piece of tech that I think I’ve ever owned.  This is coming from someone with a 24TB home server full of movies and TV shows, techno-gardens for indoor hydroponic gardening, and just about any other gadget imaginable – I have battery operated lighted salt and pepper grinders – seriously.

We set ours up a year ago in Kansas City.  We have the Slingbox HD tied to a Tivo that is tied to Comcast cable services.  When it works it is usually flawless.  I can access it on my phone over here and catch up on the latest Law & Order while waiting for some ministry flunky to stamp my document, we have PCs tied to all our TVs at home so we can watch real TV there obviously, I’ve even downloaded the Slingplayer software at a friends house to catch a football game.  You can also purchase a Slingcatcher which is a little devise that plugs into the internet and your TV for Slingbox viewing without the computer.  I tried one and while it will do in a pinch I’ve found the image quality to be much lower on the catcher than it is with the Slingplayer software so we use the PCs.  Now the image can get a little choppy if your internet speed is a bit slow and from time to time we have to have Anita’s mom reset either the Tivo or Slingbox but all in all it works as advertised.

TV in the living room in Kuwait - content from Comcast in Kansas City, MO, USA!!!

I have been trying for a few months now to set up a Slingbox here in Kuwait so that I can give access to my Movie & TV library to my dad.  While the box seems to be working just fine I’m having some difficulty getting to maneuver Media Center and more importantly the Media Browser plugin for Media Center.  The Slingbox is designed to work with devices controled by a remote control not a mouse.  I’ve been trying to find a Media Center remote control that I can plug into the PC that can then be controlled by the Slingbox but so far no joy.  Still working on it tho.

Anyways, for anyone who may want to know – yes the Slingbox is completely viewable over here in Kuwait.  The service itself and the quality of the picture are completely dependent upon your internet connection speed so if you can I would highly recommend a hard line connection to both your house and either your Slingcatcher or your PC.  I’ve wired our entire house on a gigabit network and we have QualityNet dropping 10MB/sec into the house through the landline.   Wireless in your house can be troublesome with Slingbox and using that cell (3G) based internet from any of the wireless carriers in Kuwait is useless – you just won’t get the speed or bandwidth you need unless you crank your Slingbox resolution down to like VGA.  I know that the ADSL providers in town are criminals in what they charge and the fact that they provide absolutely NO customer service but it’s Kuwait (which despite it’s immense wealth is still a third world backwater in so many ways) so it is what it is.  Hope that helps in your searches.

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  1. Hi Stewart,

    I am thinking of getting a slingbox and set it up in Kuwait so I will be able to watch the arabic channels here in the US. Do you think that would work?


  2. That should work just fine as long as your talking about channels that you receive through some sort of cable/satellite box. The sling box won’t simply accept a cable input from the dish on your roof.

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