Say NO! to Obamacare…

Click Uncle Sam!

I know that there is at least one other American out there in Kuwait who reads some of my rantings.  I’m hoping that there might be two or three.  If you’re out there and not a socialist I strongly urge you to click on Uncle Sam over there.  by doing so he’ll take you to which is an organization who facilitates communication between American citizens and their elected officials.  Uncle Sam’s particular link will take you to a page where you can let your congressmen know that you feel government run healthcare is a bad idea and that they should do what they can to oppose this bill.  They will also email the ‘Blue Dog Coalition’ to let them know that they support the socialist-in-chief’s bill at their own political peril.  This bill represents an antithesis of all things American.  It takes away personal choice and liberty, increases the control of an already intrusive government, and will bankrupt my daughter’s America before she even gets the chance to care for it herself.  The issue is not about leaving the poor and the sick out in the cold.  The issue is about protecting what little personal freedom we still have.  Do your part – tell your law makers that you do not support this bill and that they shouldn’t either.

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