Safaris, Yetis, Circles of Life – oh my!

Heading out for the day...

Yup today was Animal Kingdom day!  As we walked into the park we were greeted by a sky writer telling us that God = Happy (happy faces that is), I think they went on to write something else about Disney but by then we weren’t paying much attention so the Disney Sky Patrol could’ve brought him down for all we know too.  Our first stop in the part was – of course – to eat!  Donald’s Safari Breakfast was fun even if we were a seated a bit late.  It was late enough that Anita wanted to say something to the manager of the restaurant – which turned out to be cool since she gave us a group fast pass for any ride we wanted at any time – saved that bad boy for the Yeti roller coaster!  We saw Donald, Mickey, Goofy, and Daisy and then it was on the road for the safari.

We actually did see quite a few different animals on our little safari trip which was kinda cool – I’d heard from other people that their trips didn’t involve quite as many sightings.  After the safari proper we hitched a ride on the train to Rafiki’s Wilderness Conservation Area.  That was really cool.  Sydney got to talk to the vets and asked how they got to be vets and then how the ended up working at Disney.  We saw Pocahontas, Jiminy Cricket, and of course Rafiki.  We got to pet a Lama – no spitting thankfully.  There was even a Harry Potter spider – not actually a spider but a Tanzanian Whipscorpion – it was the little guy that Professor Moody used to demonstrate the three unforgivable curses in the Goblet of Fire movie – very creepy up close.  After returning from our second trip we went straight over to the roller coaster – walked right up to the front, whipped out our special fast pass, and were even seated in the front car of the coaster!

We decided to take a break from the hot and let the girls hit the pools before we ventured back out around dinner time.  We had dinner reservations at the Garden Grill Cafe in The Land at EPCOT so we monorailed it back over there after cooling off back at the GF.  This time we stayed up front in Future World.  We rode Spaceship Earth – which I hadn’t been on in years and at the end they take your picture in your seat and put you into a little animation sequence about ‘your future’ – then when you get off the ride they post where everyone is from on a huge world map – believe it or not we were not the only hits from Kuwait – as far as we could tell.  Sue and Anita went to try to get fast passes for Soarin’ and the girls and I took off for Mission Space!  It’s a four person ride so we had an extra but Sydney was the pilot, Cheyenne the commander, and I was the engineer – other dude was the navigator.  Once we made it through all of our briefings and actually got into the ride Sydney was fairly convinced that her piloting skills might not be beneficial to our overall health and welfare but we convinced her all she had to do was push the button – in the end she was telling us how she saved us all!  To wind it all up we had dinner at the cafe where we saw Farmer Mickey, Pluto, and Chip & Dale.

Smiley face in the sky...
Safari Donald
The girl's in Africa - before breakfast...
Goofy and the girls...
Safari Mickey signing our autograph books...
Daisy & Sydney
On the safari
Yup, that's an elephant
No, really, don't get up...
Jiminy & the girls...

The girls & Rafiki

A rare photo op with Pocahontas
Syd with the vet
Harry Potter spider
How can you not love that smile?
Our good anywhere, anytime, for all of us Fast Pass
Wilderness Donald and the girls
Down at the beach pool
Oooooo a waterfall
The backside of the GF
The GF's monorail station
The girls powering the city of tomorrow
The Mission Space pavilion
Farmer Mickey and the girls
Dale & the girls - yes, that's Dale...
Chip and the girls...
Pluto signing autographs...
Pluto tango-ing with Cheyenne
Mickey & Sue

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