Quick check in before the week is over…

The beehive in our front yard!

I’ve still got one hour my time to get this in and still have a post for the week.  Things have been hectic.  Working on an absolutely RIDICULOUS bid for my day job that they have NO chance of winning but is consuming most of my days, trying to get things off the ground up in Afghanistan, putting together a land lease deal here in Kuwait, doing the continued happy dance over the prolonged and agonizingly slow death of the evil empire, trying to rescue a friend from the vile clutches of the evil empire, secured the rights to what will soon be our new online home – www.outergodwinia.com, downloaded the Lego Digital Designer so Sydney and I can start designing our own Lego creations (that they will of course box up and send to you for a small fee), and after all of that I even worked in a little time for some yard work today.  Turns out that while pruning on of the bougainvillea’s out front that I stumbled across a bee hive right out front!  Check it out – there are even pictures.   So there you have it – just another fun filled week for the G’s in Kuwait!

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  1. Wow! It is really big! I’m thinking honey wine??? Hope you get the whole outfit first!!!Beeeeeee careful! Bzzzzzzzing off!! Love, M

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