Pod People Plants, Dinner, and Library Books

So how do pod people plants, dinner, and books all fit into the same post?  Easy – just watch.  I’ll even go in reverse order!  Today was the Sweet Pea’s first day back after Christmas break.  All went well – except for most folks had a bad case of “mush brain”.  Other than that she said things were pretty much the same – lots of chat at lunch about what Santa brought, etc. etc.  Also, since they’d been out of school the kids also got to swing by the library to pick up some new books.  Sydney picked out the sequel to “Little Women” – I’m pretty sure that wasn’t written until after that horrible Winona Ryder adaptation of the movie came out so I’m sure it’s a real winner – but she picked it.  As you can see below.

Sydney with this week's library books

Anita and I are South Beachin’ it again so we’ve had to purge all the carbs out of the house.  We’re going full throttle this time so the next two weeks are Phase I – no fruit, no sugar, no carbs, – basically just chicken and salad or chicken and soup.  We went with soup tonight.  Despite the lack of bread/pasta/etc dinner pretty much rocked.  Even Sydney chowed down on some of Anita’s grilled chicken!

Mmmmm... home made chicken stock turned into mushroom soup - yum!

Finally we get to the creepy pod people plants out front.  They’re some sort of desert plant but they seem to be blooming – or are about to bloom.  It’s our growing season right now so everything is budding.  Anyways, these things have sprouted these stalks with little bulbous ends and some of the stalked are significantly taller than me.  I’m pretty sure if Anita’s techno coffee maker doesn’t take over soon that these things will try to instead!

Creepy pod people plants...

So there – all three in one post.  What can I say?  It was a slow news day.


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