Patching Anita’s Tire

Since we had to retire the Death Star Anita has been driving around in something that Kia is trying to pass off as an SUV.  Maybe it is for folks below the 38th parallel but for Godwin sized peeps it’s a bit snug.  We’ve driven worse in Kuwait but it’s no Death Star.  Anyways, after school started Anita’s noticed that one of her tires was running a little low and even after filling it up a few times it seems to always be flat.  I mentioned it to my buddy Ken (brewer of some of the finest ales and lagers available locally) and he said any of the little auto shops would be able to patch it up for me lickety split.  These little shops are about as numerous as the street cats in Kuwait so there was no problem finding one right around the corner from the house.  I drove over, pointed to the tire, told the guy I needed a patch, and in less than five minutes I was back on the road 1KD lighter but with four fully functional tires.  If you’re in Adan these guys did good work, were quick, and cheap.  No idea what their name is but they’re the corner shop in the little area right at the intersection of 207 and 3rd Street.  They’re in the blue circle on the map below.

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