Party Time!!!

Syndey & Amy at the party!

Well yesterday was the big day – party time at the pool!  We had to enlist Uncle Bob for extra vehicular support since the Death Star is still undergoing repairs (damn rebels!) and it was great not having to make multiple runs to the school to get everything dropped off.  The school’s pool staff are really great and helped upload everything and did a terrific job of making sure the kids didn’t get out of hand – they’re the same folks who teach swim class at the school so they’ve got that authority figure aura with the kids which helps quite a bit.  Not that its that hard with this group – all around it was a great bunch and everyone seemed to have a great time.  It was pretty much straight in the pool when you got there and we had out snacks and drinks.  About 90 minutes into it the pizza showed up and everyone ate.  Right at the end we brought out the cake and cupcakes (no Lovey Cakes branch over here yet so we had to do our best on our own) – Syd was serenaded in English, Arabic, and French – very diverse group huh?  After all that there were a few more minutes to swim then everyone out, favor bags passed out, stuff packed up and home to open the gifts.  Let me tell ya know – Syd raked it in this year – every package got ‘oooos’ and ‘ahhhhhs’ and ‘I LOVE its’!  It took us more than an hour or so to open everything up!  Ok, so enough of my rambling, check out the pix – I know that’s why you’re all here anyways.  Actually, the pix below are just a small sampling.  If you’d like to see and download the full size/full resolution pictures you can do so by clicking HERE.

Check out all that loot!!!
Favor bags ready for mobilization - note the mermaid theme ala Anita...
Sooooo many beads...
"Just imagine all the art projects I can do now!"

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