Ostrich eggs are HUGE!!!

Dino Egg!

So as you will see in a later post we’ve put together a little entry for Aunt M’s and Uncle Rick’s egg decorating contest.  We decided to go with ostrich eggs for our entry and it has been an experience.  First off, they are gigantic.  Secondly – I literally had to use a drill to get through the shell in order to get the egg out.  We cooked up a bit of the egg since one ostrich seemed to be about 5 cups of eggs.  They tasted like scrambled eggs but had an odd texture.  Anyways, after draining the eggs I sanitized them and then we started painting,  Pictures of the whole thing are below.

Scrambled ostrich eggs
Seriously... I had to drill through the shell
Empty egg!
Painting in process
The hair club for eggs
We've got hair!!!
Instruments but no hat or flag
The Spirit of '76 - egg style

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