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So as I’m sure you’ve noticed this iteration of our little site is a fairly dramatic departure from our normal flash-based content.  I’ve switched over to a WordPress driven site in the hopes that it will be a bit easier to maintain and add content to.  That being said I’ve still got nearly half a dozen old Godwins in Kuwait websites floating around and thought that I would build a little GNK graveyard over here.  Feel free to poke around the old sites but be warned they are presented as is and dead links are dead and will remain so.  Either way, I figured this would be a cool way to showcase some of our earlier efforts.

Godwins-in-Kuwait V1.0: So our first tentative steps online took the form of this site.  It was built using Microsoft products so both layout and aesthetics left a little to be desired.  That being said this little site managed to exist for almost an entire year which is no small feat on this domain.  We obviously have a need to redesign things and try out new and exciting features that are well beyond our technical capabilities.  This site, however, was not.  It wasn’t a bad little site and a reasonably decent first attempt at a personal site.  At the end of the day, the pictures were out there, there was a link to our blog, and I got to use our shiny new domain name.  I do recall that this site took forever to publish since every time you made even the smallest change I had to upload this folder with some 30MB of files in it so that the site would look right online.  The internet being what it is here that got really old really fast.  Otherwise, it was a nice little site for our first shot out of the gate.

Godwins-in-Kuwait V2.0:  My first attempt at laying out Flash for my own benefit and as far as I was concerned there was a lot of Flash to lay out.  I learned a lot when I put this one together and I would say it’s what really got me hooked on this little hobby of mine.  I still like the way the pages curl up when you mouse over them and you can click and drag to turn the page.  That’s about all that this site was really good for.  The first iteration of our image galleries made their appearance here since there was no real room to place pictures directly on the page.  Also as you can tell getting more than a few lines of text out on each page was a bit difficult too.  While this site was a breeze to publish it was a monster to try to change.  Almost everything I did on this site I did by brute force so updating it was difficult, to say the least.  As far from perfect as the little site ended up being it still wasn’t bad for my first completely Flash based site.

Godwins-in-Kuwait V3.0:  We were still using the old domain for this one.  I’m not sure why I decided on that name with the hyphens in it but it was what it was.  Anyways, we decided to make some changes to the site for a few different reasons this time around.  I was able to get a bit more information on each page in this layout and my scrolling scripts worked a bit better here.  Having no real coding skills this was a major accomplishment for me.  I was also able to update some of the images to keep a little more up to date with Sydney.  In our now recurring theme, this site was still difficult to update.  It wasn’t hard just labor intensive.  I had to reformat each image, create new key frames, install and then ground each image, it was just a pain.  Also ditched this time around was the soundtrack.  I keep going back and forth between annoying everyone with some corporate ambient/trace track or just dropping it all together.  Silence was golden this time around.

Godwins in Kuwait V4.0:  By this point, we’d switched to the easier to type godwinsq8 domain name.  This iteration of the site really did all the things I wanted it to do.  We had a photo slider on the front, more than enough scrolling space, and nice transitions to the galleries and blog.  Unfortunately, this site was a bear to keep updated and as anyone who stopped by with any degree of frequency could tell you I didn’t update it at all.  As pretty as the site may have been it sat idle for over two years which is why it is now in the GNK bone yard.  Rest easy my friend.

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