New helium company in Kuwait is already a bust

Don’t support local companies that spam and price gouge – oh wait, that means you would have to boycott practically every company around Kuwait…

There’s a new company in Kuwait selling helium tanks that you can use to fill up balloons for parties at home.  I’m not going to use their name directly but it’s pretty easy to figure out using a popular abbreviation for the country and the item their product is used for.  The reason I’m not using their name is that they are a company that is advertising through spamming website comments and your email.  Personally that is something I hate.

On top of that I have found the EXACT same product on Amazon for 50% less than they are charging.  Their 50 balloon tank is 19.5KD – roughly $70.  The Amazon product is $34 which is what I think most other retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, etc) are selling these things for too.  The reason these are relatively inexpensive in the real world is they include the cheapest Chinese made parts imaginable.  More over using the local company’s price, the per balloon cost rolls out to roughly 400fils each assuming their tank arrives as advertised (a very dubious assumption in Kuwait) and that all 50 balloons get filled.  Fifty larger balloons filled at PartyLand, tied with ribbons, and delivered to your home cost only 480fils each.  A significantly larger service for practically the same price.

As I have said to anyone in town who will sit down long enough to hit the topic of price gouging in Kuwait – if you have to mark your product up 100% to stay in business then you shouldn’t be in business.

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