My Supermodel-Physicist

So if you’ve been reading for the last few months you may remember that Anita found a photographer that worked out of Kuwait but was from KC – Amy Bucher (click her name to view her site – which is quite nice) – and we had her take a few shots of Sydney.  We wanted to be able to tell that Sydney was in Kuwait and about the only way to do that was to have the skyline with the towers in the background.  At first I was really not hip to that idea but once I saw the shots I thought they were great!  Amy has had them online for the longest time now but I didn’t want to say anything since we had sent some to the moms and sisters back home.  But as of a few hours ago the last package has arrived so now we can post away.  If you’d like to see Amy’s slide show (and once you see it you’ll have to agree that she sooooo had our number – as evidenced by her song choice) you can click on the image to the upper right.  The individual images that we picked are all below.  Thanks again to Amy for her amazing eye and we’d like to acknowledge the beautiful dress Sydney’s wearing from Mimi & Pop AND the Kiddie Shoppe in Columbus, GA – Go Uncle Rick!  Ok, ok, here are the pics!

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  1. I love them! Amy is very talented however she had the best subject in the world! Thank you so much.

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