Moving is NOT one of my favorite things in the world…

So, the landlord decided he wanted more rent.  But rather than be up front (ahem, a man) about it he decided to tell us that the x-wife was moving back in and we had to be out.  He did give us 12 months but not wanting to live with that particular stumbling block right around the corner we decided to get a move on it and get on out.  We have been looking all over Kuwait and let me be the first to say it out loud – these fools are smoking crack!  Now, I understand that living in the world’s wealthiest welfare state that owners around here don’t understand free market principles as they’ve never experienced one inside the borders of this country.  But really, what they’re doing is nothing short of price gouging and would in most places not only be considered insane but damn near criminal.

Luckily, we found a place in January that is literally right around the corner that would be available soon and have been stalking it ever since.  The US Army was renting it for a DoD civilian who is going back stateside so we’ve been sitting at the owner’s door ever since we found out that she was moving home for sure.  Since we were able to speak directly to the owner neither of us had to go along with that ridiculous extortion scheme that “real estate agents” force on everyone here and didn’t have to put down half a month’s rent just for someone to open the door for us.  We didn’t get a fresh coat of paint (which the place could really use) but we also didn’t have to put down a deposit and he gave us an open ended, renewable annually, lease which was actually very favorable to us as the renters.

Once all the paperwork was done with the new landlord we started loading things in the back of the truck and hauling them over.  Did I mention I HATE moving?  Yeah, no fun at all.  Two days of doing that ourselves and we broke down and hired a handful of guys and a truck to move over the big stuff.  Nothing was seriously damaged but as these guys were no in any way, shape, or form – movers – nothing was really done properly.  By that I mean they took all the stuff that went on the shelves over before bringing the shelves.  So I had to stack all that stuff where the shelves went so when the shelves made it over there was no room for them – that sort of fun moving game.  The whole house is like a giant mosaic puzzle where I’ve got to move stuff from room A into room B to get stuff from room C into room A.  Lots-o-fun.

Anyways, we’re really happy with the new place in Adan.  Its across the street from the new Co-Op (which is actually very nice), but also very close to two different screaming towers.  There’s a very nice yard and a small courtyard (walkway) around the whole place.  We’re putting the pool on the roof, everyone still has an office space, Godwin’s Hollow is being relocated, Zed has his own doggy cave, and there’s even a guest room for grandparents and far flung friends!  So the next time you’ve got a hankerin’ for Krazy Kuwaiti come on down to Villa Al Godwin (3).

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