Mmmmmmm Turkey Bird!

Golden brown deliciousness!

Despite the recent islamists’ attacks on turkey in Kuwait (an obvious attempt to derail Christmas dinners throughout this sandbox of a country) one of our most excellent friends (who will remain nameless to protect his inbox from floods of email requests) was able to find us a TWENTY TWO pound BUTTERBALL turkey bird for Christmas dinner!  I brined that bad boy for almost 48 hours before popping him in this morning.  He took an initial soak in high heat to crisp up his skin and after pulling the throttle back considerably he’s been in the oven low and slow for the last 8 hours!  The Ghost of Christmas Present himself would be kicking his feet up and rolling around right now at how AWESOME the house smells!  Anita is making her world famous four cheese mac-n-cheese and a hash brown casserole and I’m rounding things out with some dressing and crescent rolls! Mmmmmmm….

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