Merry Majorisms…

Ryan Bakazan, Jedi Master

So most of y’all reading this will know Ryan.  However, if you’ve never spent any time with him you may have missed out on what his former Kuwait based minions dubbed “Majorisms”.  Ryan has a definite skill for turning a phrase and more than a few will end up sticking with you.  That being said there is a list that someone could post in the comments section if she were so inclined that would back me up.  While I won’t go into the whole list I do have to share with everyone one of my favorites as I’ve been laughing for about three days now and am just getting around to writing this down.

Last year Julian Casablancas (of The Strokes) released his first solo album.  The last track on that debut album was a “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” which just so happened to be my favorite new Christmas song from last year.  So much so that I even sent it out as an attachment to an email at one point last year.  Well the song is in permanent rotation on our Christmas Zune which comes out after Thanksgiving and plays non-stop until we take down the Christmas decorations.  A couple of days ago I was in the car (with the Zune since I also have to travel with my Christmas music) and Julian’s track came up.  As soon as the beat kicked in the next thing that popped in my head was what will have to be my favorite Christmas Majorism of all time:

“Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like Julian Casablancas covering a Jimmy Fallon song.” -Ryan Bakazan

I have been laughing for three days straight now every time that pops back in my head.

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  1. Thanks for the love on the blog. We did have some good times and the vernacular did add some laughs. The good thing about the frequent moves with the Air Force is that my material can be recycled pretty often.

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