Math Rocks!!!

So we’ve been having some issues with Math at school.  First of all there is the bizarro-land grading methodology that the silly English folks seem to use.  As best as I can tell they seems to grade on a curve GLOBALLY.  Which is completely useless and detrimental to those at the top of the range by equalizing the range.  Last year Sydney performed really well and this year she is doing well but not testing to the same level she did last year.  When we went in to talk to the teacher about it we were basically told that she is doing great, is at the top of the class, right where she should be but we should really readjust our expectations of her performance mathematically.  That’s not exactly what was said but a week later that’s what I keep going back to – not happy at all.  We’ve gone on up the chain of command and basically want everyone in the chain to get a good dose of the ‘we’re not going away and have no problem camping out in the back of your class if we need to make a point’ attitude so that hopefully Sydney will get the attention she needs (she needs to be pushed – is very good at looking busy) and that we get the level of communication that we need.  So, hopefully a little squeaking will get us some oil.

On a related note I was forwarded the math problem below.  It’s a fun little distraction but I’m a geek who likes this sort of thing.  If you can come up with the correct answer you can download and open the solution sheet by clicking the image on this page.  The right answer is the password to open the file.  If you can open it, add your name, save it, and email it back to me and I’ll upload the newest version.  Math rocks!


2 + 3 = 10

7 + 2 = 63

6 + 5 = 66

8 + 4 = 96


9 + 7 = ????

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