Looking for a location…

Ok, as small world as it may seem one of Anita’s old friends published a picture of her daughters that was taken in Kuwait to her Facebook page.  It was a good picture so Anita asks who took it.  Turns out to be Kansas City native – Amy Bucher – professional photographer that just happens to routinely travel to Kuwait.  So Anita went to talk to her today about taking Sydney’s picture and after checking out her very professional portfolio and website we’re going to book a session with her (sitting fees are 50% off in January – woo hoo!).  Problem being that I’m really not hip to a cheesy shot on the beach with the crappy Kuwaiti skyline in the background.  I’m thinking a very arab style building with one of those great huge old doors would be much more indicative of Kuwait.  Problem with that line of thought is that I don’t have a clue where something like that might be.  So, if there are any local readers out there with any ideas shoot them on over.  Leave a comment and try to be a specific as possible since directions in Kuwait can be, shall we say, less than logical at time.  Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to lend a hand.

As a little plug, if you’re interested in Amy’s work you can check her out at www.amybucher.com.  Just click the image to jump over there.

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