Long Time, No Post

I know loyal readers, it has been far too long yet again.  Fret not though, we have been up to quite a bit.  I’ll be back filling the blog with some our posts from 2017 that just never got finished enough to publish.  Right now, however, I’d like to take a moment to introduce a few of the new projects we’ve got off the ground this year.


We have rebranded our Government Consulting (#govcon) arm as WSG Consulting.  Our website can still be found at www.stewartgodwin.com and we have focused it on what we do best – proposal development, capture management, and market assessment.  WSGC wins government contracts and can assist you in developing your next proposal effort.  You can follow WSGC on twitter (@wsgcq8) and Instagram (wsgconsulting).  Click on the image below to find out more.


I’ve tried to grow things for years – way back in grade school I watered a weed for weeks thinking it was a watermelon.  Back when Jenny worked for us, she was always growing things and even in the desert dirt and heat of Kuwait managed to eek out some vegetables.  Well if Jenny could do it I could do it.  For my first attempt, I started a small container garden on a balcony a couple of years ago.  Back then, I was starting to get some decent production until when we left for the summer and I left the garden to someone else.  When I came back after vacation the garden was firewood.  So, that didn’t work but in typical Godwin fashion I decided the best path forward was to scale things up – go big or go home (as a close friend would say).  That has led to the RTGQ8 (The Godwin’s RoofTop Garden in Kuwait).  I have 1% of an acre (almost 500sqft) of garden space up on the roof of our place.  Corn, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, herbs, lettuce, blackberries, raspberries, eggplant, zucchini, blueberries – and more.  So far, things are thriving despite the local bugs’ best efforts.  You can poke around the garden at www.rtgq8.com or just click the image below.  If you would like to, you can follow the garden on twitter (@RTGQ8) and Instagram (rtgq8).


For our anniversary back in 2016 Anita got me a drone – the DJI Phantom 4.  It is an AMAZING piece of technology and once I got it out of the box I flew it everywhere.  I loved it so much that I expanded my fleet, taught Sydney how to pilot the drone and work the camera, and started marketing our services.  Dignow Productions is now the GCC’s premier aerial photography and video provider with a small fleet of flying cameras and a dedicated team of pilots and photographers. Stop by our home online (click the image below) to see how we can help you get your business off the ground.

As you can see we’ve been up to a few things this year.  As I said above, I’ll be adding some old posts over the next few days.  Summer trip to Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC.  Work trip to Oman (where I was able to get some amazing drone shots). Sydney’s school band’s European tour and building the RTGQ8.  I can even sweeten the pot with some Thanksgiving decorations!

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  1. Lord “Green-thumb” Godwin,
    So glad to see you posting again. I love keeping up with the Godwin’s from a far. Wish we could get together this Christmas but alas duty calls for you overseas. Miss you my friend. Padawan Ryan Bakazn

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