Long Time No Blog – Catching Up with the G’s

I know.  Its been a really long time.  So here’s the time lapse version of all of 2015 and most of 2016:

Anita’s birthday, hanging out with the Davies in Salmiyia, old house in Adan is under construction, Godwins Hollow Post Office, Colin took off to the UK, Sydney tours Paris, The skies over Godwins Hollow were pretty busy, new dog – Zorro, finally setup the pool, Walmart.com started shipping to APO addresses, Sydney wins a JACAZ award, the girls visit the Okanes in Durham, painted some furniture, Sydney’s room got a make-over, Sydney started Year 8 at TES, Sydney made the netball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and swim teams, Godwins Hollow Space Center finally opened, The Coopers had another AWESOME Halloween party, I started farming, the girls hopped over to Dubai on a visa run, Sydney’s birthday, Thanksgiving, I FINALLY got a residency visa.


After a ten year battle with cancer my dad was able to say goodbye and finally put down his shield.



Christmas in the States, Anita fell and broke her leg, Meg & Mark got me the LEGO Death Star!!!!, Christmas Day in Heathrow, surgery in Kuwait, ten screws and a four inch plate in Anita’s ankle, New Year’s Eve in the hospital, Anita’s birthday, lots of recovery time on the couch, new folks at work, Sydney’s last sports day at TES, Anita & Sydney finally got new residency visas and Civil IDs, my birthday, Sydney’s fashion project was the talk of the TES Fashion Show, Sydney was awarded the TES Y8 Art award, Sydney graduated from TES, all THREE of us traveled to the States together, I got an AWESOME DJI Phantom 4 drone for my anniversary, Mom, Aunt Sissy, Uncle Mark, and the three of us got to spend 4th of July week at the beach in Florida, flew the drone as often as I could, Pokemon Go happened, the girls went to KC for a visit, I started moving the farm to the roof, finished decorating the bar, dining room, living room, upstairs living room, stairwell, bedroom, and few other places, the Inferno HQ started construction in Godwins Hollow, Sydney started Year 9 at KES, I traveled to NYC to drop off a proposal at the UN, stopped by Rockefeller Plaza, spent a week in Salalah, Oman getting a KGL project started, we had another yard sale, my longest Kuwait friend moved back to Florida to fix his wife’s back problems, we had a great dinner for him with all the folks from the office, and I changed the site’s layout – again.

Whew… so now that you’re all caught up I will do my best to not let things lapse so long again.

2 thoughts on “Long Time No Blog – Catching Up with the G’s”

  1. Lord Godwin, So great to read your post and see the photos. I have to say, I missed your frequent postings, photos, and general musings…BUT, with this one post you have redeemed yourself, sir! Seriously, it was awesome to catch up on the “Godwins in Kuwait” life story. Dawn and I without question or hesitation rank Kuwait as our favorite assignment. Clearly, our ranking is not due to the location or climate; it was because of you guys that made the adventure so rewarding, interesting, and unforgettable (and the live in maid, helped, too!). I hope we can get together again at some point to rehash all the memories and make some new ones. Your Friend, Ryan Bakazan

  2. GEN Bakazan,
    Always great to hear from y’all! After I was told I should just take it down for not having updated it in so long I had to do something. More regular posts are coming and we definitely keep threatening to show up at your door one summer. We will really have to work that out soon. Until then, love to the fam, and hello to the minons!

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