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So way back in 2011 I was watching the O’Reilly Factor (thank you TiVo & Slingbox!) and as has been the case for many years Bill was doing a segment on the defense of Christmas. You know – from all those lefty, statist, atheist, nutjobs who want to force stores to say ‘Happy Holidays’, keep kids from enjoying Christmas on school (state) property, and have decided that we’ll all be much more civilized once we start calling Christmas trees – holiday trees. That sort of crap he generally takes offense to – as do I. I mean I neither punch you in the throat nor force you to change your heathen ways when you throw them in my face – why should I have to call my Christmas tree anything other than what it is? Anyways, before my mother starts sending my blood pressure meds let me just say that the point is that I agreed with the aim of the segment – so much so that I shot over a quick little email saying thanks.

What happened next was the cool part – my email was read the next day on air.  Lengend – wait for it – dary!  What was read on air was a bit parsed down but the point was made.  Since the TiVo is also attached to Sue’s computer I was able to download the episode and cut my 3 seconds out of it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

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So yeah, I thought it was pretty cool – and not to worry I’ve already had my people talk to Bill’s and he’ll get the name right next time.  What I didn’t know until today was that my email was also the “letter of the day.”  I’ve been running some new SEO on the site and went to see where it shook out on Google.  The optimization plugin seems to be working fairly well as we had several results right at the top of the page.  Down at the bottom was a link to www.billoreilly.com that had my name on it so of course I had to click on over to it.  Seems that no only did my note get picked for the on-air segment but I also got ‘letter of the day; honors!  Again, I’m thinkin’ that’s pretty cool.  In both instances there was a little editing going on but it’s his show so I can’t complain too much about it.  The full text of the email I sent in is below.


Thank you for your unfaltering support of the CHRISTMAS season.  My family and I live in Kuwait where my business has taken us.  In a land where I can be jailed for sharing the message of Christianity more locals (as well as Christian expats) will stop and go out of their way to tell me Merry Christmas than any place I’ve lived in the States as an adult.  That is a sad commentary on the spirit of the American people and I applaud your efforts to rectify the ‘decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling’ in our great nation.  Thank you and Merry Christmas!”

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