LEGO City Update

Our LEGO City, Godwin’s Hollow, continues to grow.  Over the weekend we worked on Central Park and got everything wrapped up yesterday.  Our little city keeps getting attention online – when we posted Central Park pics to Flickr yesterday it drove us within a eight clicks of 1500 visitors in one day – not bad if you ask us.

Anyways, Central Park is on the back side of City Hall right on Main Street.  There’s a fountain, a war memorial, a lemonade vendor, benches, flowers, even a handful of pigeons.  There are some pics below but if you’d like feel free to drop by our two main LEGO sites if you’d like to help drive our numbers up – our Flickr stream and home over on MOCPages.

Top down view on the park…
Overlooking the fountain into Central Park
Park goer defending his lunch against the pigeon hordes…
Employee from the Anita G Dance Studio heading into the park for her lunch break
Two ‘old timers’ remembering those who gave their ‘last full measure of devotion.’
Wedding photographer hard at work…
The bride and groom being photographed with teh rest of the bridal party waiting to join in…
City Hall and Central Park

4 thoughts on “LEGO City Update”

  1. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of Stew Goodwin. This is PHENOMENAL with a capital PH!!

    We sure do miss you guys.

    Ryan B.

  2. But wait, there’s more! I’ve not got them up yet – actually had to like work the last couple of days – what the hell? Anyways, wait until I get our City Hall and the Godwin’s Hollow Police Department up – they are really cool! We miss y’all too – hi to Dawn, Calvin, Alayna, and the minions!

  3. Geez!! I have got to bring my boy over to see all this in real life! I can save me a trip to Legoland! Very impressive.

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